Terms & Conditions

Please be aware of our terms and conditions below while ordering your Hobart Kitchen Transformations (HKT) products.

HKT may change these terms and conditions at any time.

Images, descriptions & product information

HKT has taken care to describe and show each item as accurately as possible, how ever the final product may vary slightly. Images created by our kitchen design software has been populated with the sizes and dimensions of each product and their assumed doors, panels and fillers. All images and descriptions on our websites, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or any other online locations as well as any material provided by Hobart Kitchen Transformations is purely for demonstration purposes.

Design & Supply

HKT Design and supply flat pack kitchens & laundries. HKT does not offer any installation services. HKT can supply a list of possible trades people, including kitchen installers, plumbers and electricians. This is only to taken as a guide. 

Any decisions on trades people is to be made by the home owners. HKT strongly recommends finding trades people that they feel comfortable working with. 

No part of the installation or trades form part of the HKT price.

In home design consultation


An in home consultation fee of $99.00 will be charged for one of our experienced team to come out to your home at the time of booking. This service is to assist with the design and layout of the kitchen space. 

Any measurements taken, are to be checked by the homeowner and person installing the cabinetry, prior to placing an order. 

Placing of order

When an order is being placed, it is the responsibility of the home owner to ensure that they have checked all measurements and plans provided to make sure that it will fit into their space.

We highly recommend that the person responsible for the installation of the cabinets, check that the layout and order is correct. The homeowner is required to sign off on the final plan prior to ordering.

Set sized units

HKT flat packs come supplied in a large range of set sized units for ease and convenience. Each unit is designed and packaged with easy assembly in mind. They come with instructions, precision cut cabinet components, adjustable feet, dowels for alignment and a screw pack, soft-close hinges (corner units excluded), complete drawer packs with runners, sides bacos and solid 16mm HMR whiteboard bases.

Doors, drawer fronts and panels come individually wrapped with locating holes predrilled in the drawer fronts and doors, designed for easy installation.

Due to the fact that our units are set sizes, there may be some fillers required.

Standard heights:

Base units:  carcase 720mm, Feet 140mm

Tall units:  Carcase 2064mm, Feet 140mm

Corner pantry: Carcase 2204mm, Width of carcase 1010mm, Corner door 2191mm

Short Overhead units: Carcase 592mm

Tall overhead units:  Carcase 720mm

Fridge overhead units: Carcase 368mm, Clearance to carcase 1836mm

Pull-out range hood unit:  Carcase 425mm

Integrated rangehood unit:  Carcase 592mm

Free-flap units:   Carcase 592mm


All of the quality hinges and drawer runners supplied have the ability to be adjusted to some degree to assist with the final alignment of the face panels. Instructions as to how to adjust these  are in the instructions supplied with each unit. One of our experienced team members can also show you the adjustment methods in our showroom. It is advisable to make an appointment so that they will be able to spend the time with you.


Our HKT cabinets are provided as a flat pack unit and therefore, no modifications are offered by us.  

Plans & measurements to be checked by the person installing the kitchen prior to ordering the units

Laminate Bench tops

Laminate bench tops will be ordered from the final plan of the cabinetry, unless otherwise stated in writing by the home owner. A plan of the bench tops will be provided to the homeowner to be signed prior to ordering.

Preparation for Granite Transformations Bench top installation

Cabinets to be in-place,level, fixed off properly & secure, prior to bench top installation date. If there is minimal work needed to adjust the cabinets to allow for proper bench top installation & time permits, then there will be an hourly charge for our installers to fix off and level the units necessary to properly install the bench tops. Alternatively, if it is not ready, and not within our timeframe to remedy, the bench top installation will have to be rescheduled & a reschedule fee of $550 including GST. will be charged. It is the responsibility of the home owner to ensure that the cabinetry is ready to go for the bench top installers.

Any appliances such as sinks, hobs, pop-up GPO’s that require an hole to be cut into the bench tops, are required to be onsite, on the day of the ench top installation. Appliance cut-outs will not be cut into the bench tops from templates.

Alternative Stone Bench tops

A template made out of 6mm MDF is to be supplied to the stone masons, including any cut-outs required & edges marked. This template is to be supplied by the homeowner and/or kitchen installers, and is what the new stone bench tops will be created from. An installation date for the bench tops will not be made until the templates are provided

Kitchen pick up times

You will be contacted when your order is available for pick up. It is advisable to make a time to pick up the order, so that it can be made ready for you.

Backordered components

Occasionally some components may be out of stock. If these components do not interfere with the installation of the kitchen, ie. a cabinet door,  then they will be supplied when they become available. 

If the backordered component is integral to the installation, then HKT will contact the home owner to discuss.

Payment (cabinetry)

A deposit of 50% is required to place an order

Full payment is required prior to picking up, or delivery of your order.

Payment (stone bench tops)

A deposit of 50% is required to place an order

A 40% progress payment is required prior to pick up or delivery of cabinetry

Full payment is required on the day of the bench top installation.

Changes to the order

Any changes to the order after it has been placed, will need to be made in writing by the home owner. These will be treated as additions to the original order.

Additional units will be shipped separately and are not considered to be part of the original order.

Changes to Laminate bench tops: Once a laminate bench top is ordered, any changes made will be treated as a separate order and all bench tops will have to be paid in full by the home owner.

If a change in design alters the size and/or layout of a Granite Transformations bench top or other stone bench top, then the changes may change the cost and time frame of the bench tops.